MPS Web Best Practices

Web Page Content

  • Mesa Public Schools utilizes an Opt-out form, signed by parents, who request that their child’s likeness not be published. It is the responsibility of the school or department to verify that a signed “Opt-out” document is not on file at the child’s school prior to publishing the photo.  Student photos must not be associated with the student’s name either by caption/cutline/text, image title or image name. 
  • Web pages must not include background images within the main content area (white space).
  • Web pages must not include background colors within the main content area.
    • Zebra-striping of tabular data is considered a benefit to readability and is allowed.
  • Web pages must not include GIF animations or Flash movies.
    • Flash objects developed by Web Services (e.g. Architeck slideshows, Architeck streaming video) are allowed.
  • Web pages must not include logos and/or other copyrighted material not owned by Mesa Public Schools.
  • The template's default font face must not be overridden.
  • "Under Construction" or "Coming Soon" placeholder pages must not be publicly accessible.
  • Text formatting (e.g. bold, italics, headings) should be used for accent only.
  • Use of tables in web pages should be minimal.
    • Tables can cause problems printing, and behave inconsistently in different browsers, especially mobile browsers and screen readers.
    • Tables should not be used for page layout.
    • Use for tabular data only.
  • Use of email addresses in web pages should be avoided.  Architeck provides a safe mechanism for contacting a user by email.
    • To create an email link to your own account, use the "Insert Email Link" button () in the Architeck editor.
    • To create an email link to another user, navigate to the contact form for the user (as available from their school or department's staff page or the MPS Phonebook) and copy the address of the contact page.

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