Transitioning Critical MPSConnect Accounts

As an MPS employee's tenure draws to a close, steps must to be taken to transition their account to ensure that important emails, contacts and documents are not lost.

Active Directory will suspend the account 14 days after departure.
Email accounts cannot be held open beyond that date.

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Forward critical archived messages
Alert users that the person is leaving and provide a new point of contact
Recover contact lists
Redirect emails sent to the old address to the new contact
Manage critical Google Docs and Calendars


2 - 4 weeks before the employee leaves:

Forward and delete email messages:

The employee should go through the entire account and forward all important email messages to the person(s) needing the information. Begin deleting email as necessary. This task, depending on the size of the account, may take more than a week or two to complete and should be started earlier.

Edit the account Signature:

Edit the message in the "Signature" of the account to indicate that the employee is leaving and provide contact information of the person taking over the employee's responsibilities.

Settings>Mail Settings>General>Signature

1-2 weeks before the employee leaves:

Export Contact list:

Export contacts in google.csv format. This file can be saved and imported into any other Google account.

Mail>Contacts>More actions>Export

Finish deleting any remaining emails

Set the account's Vacation responder:

Set a vacation responder that says something to the effect that the employee is no longer with MPS and provide the new contact information.

Settings>Mail Settings>General>Vacation responder

Forward incoming emails (Optional):

If possible, set a forward to the address of the person taking over the responsibilities (The account will suspend 14 days after the employee leaves.)

Settings>Mail settings>Forward and POP/IMAP/Forwarding/Add a forwarding address


Google Documents Options:

Download critical documents (right-click on the document in Google Drive and select Download)
Assign new owners (Share settings)
Delete documents (right-click on the document in Google Drive and select Delete)
If there are too many documents to do 1-3 with reasonable effort, contact Web Services to transfer ownership of all documents at one time.


Download all calendar events in ICAL format to be transferred (imported) to another calendar

Calendar>Calendar Settings>Private Address>ICAL

Click HERE for Calendar support  

Optional: Download all Google Data - “Takeout”

  1. Click on your picture in the upper right-hand corner of your email page
  2. Click on “Account.”
  3. Scroll down to “Account tools.”
  4. Click on “Download data”
  5. Follow the instructions on this page to download all or part of your Google data. Depending on how much data is in your account, this could take several hours.
  6. You will receive an email when your data is available.



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