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Listed below you will find a list of our 6th grade teachers, the subject they teach, and what each subject encompasses.

Sabrina Hill

Kaylynn Gallardo

Adam Sobczak
480-472-4802 480-472-4881  480-472-4890
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 Writing:  Reading:  Math:
 Ideas/Content  Fluency  Number Sense
 Organization  Comprehension  Estimation
 Voice    Comparison of  Numbers
 Word Choice    Timed Math Facts
 Sentence Fluency    Fractions
 Conventions    Decimals

Science:  Social Studies:  Algebraic Thinking
 Use Scientific Processes  American History  Functions
 Life Science World History Geometry
 Physical Science  Geography  Measurement
 Earth Science  Egypt  Problem Solving
 Oceanography  Greece  Logic
 Cells to Systems  Rome  Patterns

*Social Studies and science are taught by each student's homeroom teacher.

 *Check out the great links your child can access at home.

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