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What Is Title 1?
Title 1 is a federally funded educational program created by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. This program provides supplemental funding to school districts to assist schools in meeting the educational goals set by Arizona Standards.

Can Parents Be Involved?
Each Title 1 school must share responsibility with parents for high student performance by joining with school staff to develop a parent involvement policy, a school-parent-student compact,  and other programs and curriculum needed at their school.  Many types pf parental involvement are needed in a school-home-community partnership.
Click here for information on the Title 1 Parent involement Policy.
Click here to view a copy of the School - parent Compact.

How Are Schools Picked to receive Title 1 Funds?
Title 1 schools are selected based on the percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch.  Schools must have at least 35 percent of their students on free and reduced lunch to be a Title 1 school.  At Webster, we have a schoolwide project.  This means that all students may receive assistance.  However, at risk students are the primary focus.

What Are Title 1 Funds Used For?
At Webster Elementary, we use our funds in a variety of ways.  Currently we are using Title 1 funds to hire two additional teachers in grades first and sixth.

Eight in-class instructional assistants receive all or part of their salary from Title 1 funds.  In addition, Title 1 pays for a full time Technology Specialist and a Home/School Liaison.  

Some funds are used to provide a resource room with hands-on teaching materials that can be checked out by classroom teachers and used to help reinforce learning.  Teacher resource books are also provided to keep teachers informed of the latest teaching methods and research. 

Training is provided for both teachers and instructional assistants throughout the school year.

Last, Title 1 funds are used to provide parents and students with opportunities to learn together.  Title 1 workshops teach parents how to help their children learn, while Title 1 community events like Reading Under the Stars and Academic Night provide exciting opportunities for families to learn together and to celebrate student accomplishments.

How is Curriculum Determined?
Curriculum is aligned with Arizona Academic Standards.  Strategies are being used to ensure each student is mastering the material to meet the standards.

What Academic Assessments Are Being Used to Measure Student Progress?
A variety of assessments are used.  Some examples are:

  • DIBELS: K-3
  • CRT's: 1-2
  • Acuity Testing: 3-6
  • End of Unit Tests: K-6
  • Teacher Created Tests: K-6
  • TerraNova: 2
  • AIMS: 3-6