School Parent Compact

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The teachers and support staff at Webster are committed to providing your
child with the highest quality education program and helping your child
to feel successful each day.  Webster Elementary School will provide an
optimum learning environment in which students will experience success
and achieve excellence as set forth by the Arizona Academic Standards.
We know that a partnership between parents, teachers, and students is
vital, so we are committed to effective communication between the school
and home.  This compact will enable teachers and parents to have
discussions about their child's achievement.  These discussions will occur
during conferences and through frequent reports sent to/from home.
Parents are welcome to volunteer/observe in their child¡¦s classroom and are guaranteed reasonable access to staff.

As a Student at Webster Elementary, I Pledge To:
1.  Have high expectations and do my personal best.
2.  Attend school regularly and arrive on time.
3.  Turn in class work and homework that is neat, complete, and on time.
4.  Respect and cooperate with other students and adults.
5.  Use self-discipline both in and out of class.

As a Parent or Guardian at Webster Elementary, I Pledge To:
1.  Have high expectations for my child and set realistic goals for
     attaining personal and academic goals.
2.  Make sure my child attends school regularly and arrives on time.
3. Schedule daily homework time and review homework regularly.
4. Communicate with the school through phone calls, written
     correspondence, attendance at parent/teacher conferences and parent
     meetings, and by signing and returning classroom reports.
5. Read to or provide time for my child to read regularly.


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Your signature indicates that you have read and understand the
responsibilities stated in the Webster Elementary School-Parent Compact.
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Principal Signature: ______________________________________________

As a Teacher at Webster Elementary, I Pledge To:
1. Have high expectations for myself and for each student.
2. Communicate to students and parents what is expected of them and why.
3. Provide a classroom environment that is positive and conducive to
4. Be knowledgeable about the Arizona Academic Standards and the
     strategies for teaching them.
5.  Monitor each student¡¦s understanding by offering regular and
     appropriate feedback.
6. Provide ongoing communication with parents about their child's
     achievement through conferences and frequent reports.

As the Principal at Webster Elementary, I Pledge To:
1. Establish goals, high expectations, and shared responsibilities for
     teachers, parents, and students.
2. Provide parents a voice in decisions regarding their child¡¦s education.
3. Emphasize the importance of school-home partnerships.
4. To provide for a safe campus and an optimal learning environment for
     students, staff, and parents.