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Teaching has long been a passion of mine. Every minute I've spent working with studentsas a tutor, a long-term substitute, or a teaching internhas been deeply fulfilling and positive. I am so excited to be joining Webster's fifth-grade team this year.

I graduated from Cornell University with degrees in Comparative Literature and Film. I also have significant experience in multimedia technology and programming. So I enjoy pursuits that combine the technical with the creativeproblem-solving and design challenges, hands-on exploration, project-based learningand I intend to offer similar opportunities in my classroom.

My teaching philosophy centers around fostering independence and autonomy in my students. I believe that 5th grade is a pivotal year for gradually building up high levels of self-reliance and responsibility.

Some general academic goals we will aim for include:

• Math fact fluency with a focus on division facts

 Improved reading rates

 Daily writing and spelling practice

• Improved note-taking skills

Other goalsin reading, math, language arts, social studies, and sciencewill be set as the year progresses and students reveal their individual needs and interests.

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To sum up, we will work hard, we will achieve academic and social success, and we will all grow together this year.