Our Classroom

child's fingers with finger paint

Our preschool strives to be play-based and directed by student interest. Children learn best through play and exploration, when self-motivated by making their own independent choices. We strive to plan every activity and intervention based on Arizona’s Early Learning Standards. 

We DRESS FOR MESS at preschool! We will be playing with water, sand, paints, markers and more. Do not send your child to school wearing something you do not want them to get dirty. (See Dress Code)


Sick Policy

Keep your child home if they are displaying any of these symptoms:

*Fever over 100 degrees (underarm). Your child needs to be fever free without meds 24 hours before returning to school.

*Open/Infected sores not easily covered

*Diarrhea, Vomiting            



*Red eyes with discharge

*Not well enough to participate in daily activities

There is a nurse on campus your child will see for any injuries beyond scraped knees or elbows.


Drop-off and Pick-up

Where: Parking Lot behind our portable on 2nd Place and Chollaschool bus clip art

When: Drop-off starts 10 minutes before the start of class; Pick-up starts 10 minutes before the end of class

If your child rides a bus, they will be met by a teacher.

*SIGN IN AND OUT each time you drop off and pick up your child. Must be first and last name, date, and time.

*Create a special goodbye routine with your child! Do it every time so they will get used to the routine.


Dress Code

Sneakers are preferred for safety since each day children are running and jumping on the playground. No flip flops! Sandals are ok as long as they have a strap on the back. Your child will learn to be responsible to put their shoes on by themselves so keep this in mind.

If a dress/skirt is worn a pair of shorts is required to be worn underneath.

Please label jackets with your child’s name or initials.


Snack and Food Policy

lunch sack with juice box and apple

For the 2021-2022 school year snack is provided by MPS, so no need to bring your own snack! We do have a refrigerator for snack use if your child needs alternate snacks.


Daily Schedule

AM 9-12

PM 1-4

You may drop off starting 10 minutes before class and pick up anytime.                           

Flexible Daily Schedule (dependent on weather and student interest) will include:         

Circle Time

Outdoor Play


Choice Time/Small Group

Music and Movement


Supply List


backpack or bag labeled with name

water bottle labeled with name

change of clothes in bag labeled with name

Click here to see what's required and our wish list!