cpThe International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP) is an innovative international education pathway that offers a rewarding blend of academic subjects and career-related studies. This college prep program is tailored to students who want to focus on career-related learning in their junior and senior years of high school. The CP develops applicable, transferable, lifelong skills that prepares them for higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

Westwood CTE Pathways:

  • Agricultural Science- AG30 Applied Biological Systems, AG31 Animal Science, AG35 Veterinary Science, AG51 Plant Science, CT53 Internship
  • Automotive- IT92 Automotive Systems & Repair, IT93 Automotive Systems & Diagnostics, IT95 Advanced Automotive, CT55 Internship
  • Business Sales & Marketing- BE52 Marketing I, BE53 Marketing II, CT81 Internship
  • Computer Maintenance- CB50 Computer Maintenance & Repair, CB51 Advanced Computer Maintenance, CT61 Internship
  • Culinary Arts- FS41 Introduction to Culinary Arts, FS45 Advanced Culinary Arts, FS47 Catering & Special Events, CT65 Internship
  • Digital Publications- GV30 Introduction to Digital Publications, GV31 Digital Publications, GV32 Advanced Digital Publications, CT69 Internship
  • Engineering- IT41 Introduction to Engineering Design, IT43 Principles of Engineering, IT Digital Electronics -or- IT50 Aerospace Engineering -or- IT55 Robotics, CT75 Internship 
  • Manufacturing- IT80 Manufacturing I, IT81 Advanced Manufacturing II, CT79 Internship
  • ROTC-  
  • Software Development- CB30 Exploring Computer Coding & App Development, CB39 AP Computer Science Principles, CB40 AP Computer Science A, CB70 IB Computer Science SL/HL I, CB71 IB Computer Science SL/HL II, CT61 Internship
  • Sports Medicine- HE91 Prevention & Care of Sports Injuries, HE92 Sports Medicine, HE93 Athletic Training, CT83 Internship
  • Theater Design & Management- PA93 Theater Design & Management I, PA94 Theater Design & Management II, CT85 Internship
  • Video Production- GV20 Introduction to Video Production, GV21 Video Production, GV22 Advanced Video Production, CT87 Internship 
  • Welding- IT71 Welding I, IT72 Welding II, IT73 Welding & Material Processes, IT74 Advanced Welding, CT89 Internship