Congratulations IB Warriors and the Class of 2020

Congratulations to all of our IB students for finishing the 2019 - 2020 school year on a strong note. While it has certainly been a challenging year, our IB students have continued to excel and continue “Moving up” as we look to a bright future. We would especially like to recognize all the accomplishments of our 2020 IB Seniors as they worked so hard to meet all of the IB Diploma Requirements through these unprecedented times. We have 65 IB Graduates this year - the largest IB Diploma class yet!

Please enjoy our 2020 IB Senior Video (click here) that was created by IB grads, Hannah Mason and Jenna Westad to celebrate the efforts and the journey of our IB class of 2020 (and have some fun while doing so too!). Hanna and Jenna have the following message to share with their fellow grads: "Although we all wish that we could be together in celebration of our IB graduation, we know that we will all see each other soon. Each year a few students from the graduating cohort create a video highlighting each member of the group and memories from their time together. Although we are sure our graduation day would have been filled with a long recital of the Lorax and many inside jokes, we hope that this video helps you remember the laughs and enjoyable moments of the past four years. Stay well, stay safe and we can't wait to see you all very soon. Enjoy the video!"

And finally, we would like to extend a special congratulations to this year’s IB award winners:

Congratulations to our 2020 IB students of the year for each grade level:

  • IB Freshman of the Year: Ellie Scott

  • IB Sophomore of the Year: Mariah Chase

  • IB Junior of the Year: Marcella Alexander

  • IB Senior of the Year: Naomi Sellers

    (pictured left to right: Ellie, Mariah, Marcella and Naomi)

    Ellie Mariah Marcella Naomi

    Congratulation to the following senior award winners for each of our IB Subject groups:

  • Distinguished IB Language and Literature Scholar:  Sonia Devaraj Sonia

Our nominee for this award stands out for her excitement for literature and writing. She possesses a deep appreciation for literary analysis and consistently goes above and beyond in her writing. Though her passion comes through in all of her academic work; it is obvious that Sonia has a true appreciation for this particular subject. For these reasons and many more, we are proud to nominate Sonia Deveraj as the 2020 Distinguished IB Language and Literature scholar!

  • Distinguished IB World Language Scholar: Michelle Dao Michelle

The recipient of this award has been a diligent Spanish language learner who actively works towards improving her Spanish language skills, learning more about the culture and sharing her knowledge with her peers. Her passion and desire to improve in the language is contagious and admirable. She is always helpful and resourceful to help other schoolmates in all aspects. She is highly respected by her peers and teachers. Salva las tortugas!!  We are proud to select Michelle Dao for the IB outstanding World Language Scholar of 2020.

  • Distinguished IB Individuals and Societies Scholar: Natalie Schultz Natalie

Our Nominee was chosen as an outstanding IB Group 3 scholar for her commitment to academic excellence, support of her peers, and her ability to model the highest levels of IB scholarship.  Her historic research for the women's suffrage movement during the National History Day competition and her leadership helped her team win the state competition and go on to represent Westwood nationally in Washington DC.  Our nominee sets the example for a caring and principled scholar, and there is no more fitting student to receive this award.  It is with profound jubilation and accolades that we award the Distinguished IB Individuals and Societies Scholar of 2020 to Natalie Schultz! 

  • Distinguished IB Experimental Science Scholar:  Savanna Bonitatibus Savanna

This year's Distinguished IB Experimental Science Scholar is a student who has a curious and inquisitive mind required of the sciences. She has been a top student in honors and IB Chemistry for the past three years. Her work displays the unique ability to show the relationship between different concepts in the subject and to see how these concepts can be connected to other subjects being studied. For these reasons, we are proud to present the 2020 Outstanding Science Academic Student Award to Savanna Bonitatibus.


  • The Distinguished IB Mathematics Scholar: Gordon He Gordon

The Distinguished IB Mathematics Scholar for 2020 is the top math student in the senior class at Westwood High School. He is a talented and enthusiastic mathematician with the ability to solve complex problems then prove those solutions to others in verbal or written form. As president of the math club for two years he taught his peers things like "The shoelace problem" or how math can model church bells.  He has won multiple awards in math competitions over the last four years at Westwood.  We are proud to name Gordon He as this year's Distinguished IB Mathematics Scholar 

  • The Distinguished Arts Scholar: Cortez Hill Cortez

Our nominee for this award is a talented performer who has attained the highest standards of achievement in all aspects of the Literature and Performance course. He is also one of the highest achieving students in the IB program, and he is able to do all that he does because of his intelligence, but also because he is clearly focused on his goals and because he has chosen to involve himself in activities and endeavors to which he is truly committed. He understands that one person can’t do everything. However, he also understands that one person can find the time, the energy, and the will to do the things that truly matter to him and that one can achieve personal excellence while maintaining a joyful heart and an ensemble spirit that supports, encourages, and inspires all around him. For these reasons we are proud to nominate Cortez Hill for the Distinguished IB Arts (Literature and Performance) Scholar of 2020.

  • Distinguished IB Theory of Knowledge Scholar: Julianna Roberts Julianna

Our nominee demonstrates the open-mindedness, curiosity, and critical thinking that are essential traits in IB Theory of Knowledge. She demonstrates a commitment to explore different perspectives and doesn’t shy away from opportunities to challenge her own views. A positive and supportive presence in the classroom, the nominee encourages thoughtful participation, respectful discourse, and careful reflection. She consistently displays a desire to grow as a thinker and a willingness to engage in meaningful collaborative learning. For these efforts, Julianna Roberts is the perfect choice for our Distinguished IB Theory of Knowledge Scholar of 2020.

  • In recognition of Exceptional Creativity Action and Service (CAS): Katelynn Gaunt Katelynn

The CAS Student of the Year Award goes to a senior that has always submitted reflections on time and has taken the requirements to heart.  She has shown a depth of new-found understanding, and their work has made personal and community contributions.  Our nominee embodies the spirit of CAS as for their work with the homeless population, a service that has gone largely unnoticed but has had a significant impact on our immediate community. She has also taken CAS to a personal level, using it as time to improve their own musical skills.  She has found a passion for projects outside of just academics. Congratulations to this year’s CAS Student of the Year, Katelynn Gaunt.     

Congratulations to our 2020 IB Neal Scholars:

The IB Neal Scholarship is awarded to three IB Diploma Graduates that were selected and voted on by our IB teachers. Each award carries with it a $3,000 scholarship that is sponsored by a generous family of a former Westwood IB graduate. The qualifications for the IB Neal Scholarship are captured in the IB learner profile which defines what it means to be an IB Student - an inquirer, a thinker, a communicator, someone who is knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, caring, a risk-taker, balanced, and reflective. This year’s winners truly represent what it means to be an IB Warrior. In the words of their teachers they are ambitious, they are kind to all and they always follow through on their promises - they are mature and responsible beyond their years. Congratulations to this year’s IB Neal Scholars: Sunil Devaraj, Angel Hernandez, and Lisett Montano (pictured left to right).

Sunil Angel Lisett


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