Physical Education

Department Faculty
  • Heidi Dorn:  Ftiness & Aerobics, PE Activity (Also teaches PE at Carson)
  • Sharen Jalbert:  Weight Training, PE Activity, Girl's Cross Country Coach
  • Jeanette Layton: Beginning Dance, Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance, Dance Production, Pom Coach
  • Walt Sword:  Weight Training, PE Activity
  • JR Langston:  Weight Training, PE Activity, Baseball Coach
  • Steve Nissen:  Weight Training, PE Activity, Cross Country Coach, Track Coach
  • Jim Ewan:  Weight Training, Football Coach
Subject Area Goal
The philosophy of the  PE Department is that we believe participation by students to be the most important and beneficial aspect of physical education.  It is the one single factor that students control, therefore, the emphasiss of the grading scale is based on participation.  It is also important that each student gain a better understanding of their own level of fitness, and the factors that contribute to good health.  The district shall promote and encourage student participation in physical activity and recognizes that all physical activity contributes to a healthy lifestyle.