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Warrior Pride Nominations

Westwood High School offers extensive opportunities for all students to participate in the activities of their choice as an integral part of their total school program. Club and class experiences are designed to extend academic needs and to help satisfy the recreational, social and emotional interests of all students.
Young people with varied ethnic and social backgrounds are provided with opportunities to socialize and share common interests in an effort to increase understanding and acceptance of each other. The development of democratic values, positive leadership, and responsible citizenship are major objectives.
Westwood High School is proud of the Activities program, its dedicated sponsors (advisors), responsible student leaders, and enthusiastic members. The school is especially proud of its excellent reputation and good community relations established not only by the activities but also by the manner in which the students conduct themselves in and out of school. It is a standard that will be upheld.
In the additional choices from this web page you will find information on how to "Get Involved" in the many fantastic activities that are available here.  There is something for everyone.  Find what fits your interests and "Get Involved!"
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