NCAA Eligibility

Many prep athletes aspire to play their sport at the college level. To be prepared for the recruiting process, student athletes must have the ability to play the sport and, more importantly, they must have the academic background to be a recruitable athlete. If you think you can play at the college level, it is important for you to make an appointment with your guidance counselor so that you can develop an academic plan that will ensure that you take the courses necessary to be cleared by the NCAA. In addition, it would be wise for you and your parents to visit the NCAA Clearinghouse- Eligibility Center website to:

  • understand eligibility requirements
  • access the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete
  • review Frequently Asked Questions
  • know when/how to file required forms - check on certification status
  • access phone numbers for the NCAA
Do not wait until your Junior or Senior year to establish and academic plan; however, it is recommended that students register with the NCAA no later than the summer before their senior year.  You may also want to note that perspective student athletes should take the ACT or SAT in the Spring of their Junior year, as this is an eligibility requirement.  To further assist you, the following link will provide more information about recruiting rules, the NCAA Clearinghouse, recruiting calendar and more: