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Compass Points - Summer Edition

First off, congratulations to all our graduating seniors. You did it and off you go to a new phase in your life. We are all very proud of all your accomplishments. We will miss you, but look forward to hearing about your new adventures and successes. Go out there and continue to MOVE UP! 

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Compass Points: April 19, 2018

  Updates  |  Summer School  |  Summer Opportunities   |  Testing  |  Scholarships     Westwood Specific Scholarships Westwood Alumni Scholarships - AVID | AP Scholars | Healthcare  There are  THREE  Westwood Alumni Scholarships  this year for students who are in  AVID ,  AP...
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AP Exam Mandatory Pre-Admin Session | Wed. April 25th

Students who are taking an AP Exam must attend a  MANDATORY PRE ADMIN session  on  Wednesday, April 25th  in the mini auditorium. Please attend the hour designated by you last name:  1st hour Last Names A, B, C, D 2nd hour Last Names E, F, G, H, I, J, K 3rd hour Last Names L, M, N, O, P 4th hour Last Names Q, R, S, T,...
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Compass Points: April 11, 2018

  Updates | Video of the Week |  Summer School | For Juniors | Summer Opportunities   | Testing | Scholarships   Updates Tickets are on sale now for the spectacular musical production of "Addams Family." Show nights are April 12, 13 and 14 at 7:00 pm. You can buy tickets for $7.00 in advance at the bookstore. Tickets will be...
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Testing Schedule for AIMS/AZ Merit + EVIT Student Testing Policy

  In regard to EVIT students and the AZMERIT schedule: 1.) Please advise, EVIT students who are scheduled to take the AZ Merit tests , to stay on campus the entire day in which they are scheduled to test. They will not need to attend on the days they are not scheduled. For example, AM EVIT students need to be here all day on testing days for 4/5/6 periods ( April 10...
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