Student Technology Resources

Preparing Your Student Device



Download WiFi Directions:

  1. Click on the following link: Connecting to Personal/Public Wi-Fi

  2. Click on the down arrow

  3. Choose to save to the Desktop (if this option is given)*

  4. Press Save

* If it was not downloaded to your Desktop, open the Downloads folder then drag it to the Desktop

Bookmark Important Sites:

Click on link on the following links then click on the STAR (in the address bar)

* You have finished preparing your device so are ready to shutdown your device.

How to Shut Down Your Device Properly:

  1. Click on the WINDOW button

  2. Click on the POWER icon (circle with a line)

  3. Select SHUT DOWN

*Full online directions.

Online Resources                                     Policy       
Library Resource Center                            User Agreement (English)
Device Protection Plan                               User Agreement (Spanish)
Daily Expectations                                      Handbook (English)
Online Resources                                     Handbook (Spanish)

How To
Connect to Wi-Fi
Windows 10
Connect to a District Printer
Snipping Tool
Initial Access to Class Notebook in Canvas

Basic Canvas Navigation          
Uploading Assignments