Students NEW to Mesa Public Schools

The Registration Process

There are TWO parts to registering a student.  First, we must enroll your student into the MPS Student data base.  Second, once in the data base, the academic advisors can create a schedule for your student.

It is our wish to make this process go quickly and smoothly for you.  Having your documents ready greatly increases the speed in which you can get registered.

Additional Information Needed

  1. Has your student been receiving special education services?

  2. Currently or ever been suspended or expelled?

  3. Is Child Custody Information needed?



We need your cooperation in obtaining this information so your student can be placed in the classes that will best help him/her graduate. If you have a problem with one of these items, please call us for help.

Do not keep your student out of school for more than a day or two for lack of one of the above items. Failure to be in school on a continual basis can result in your student not receiving credit.

Contact Us

Registration Clerk --  480-472-4508

Registration Secretary -- 480-472-4505

Registrar -- 480-472-4507

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Bring Records from Previous School

In order to get your student on the proper road to graduation, it is important we know what they have earned.  Transcripts or records assist the counselors in preparing the best class schedule possible for your student.

If at all possible, bring the records from the previous school.  We will fax for records with your signed permission, however, it often takes some time for the previous school to send the records back to us.  Bringing records with you, especially if coming from out of state, is a BIG help.


Proof of Residence - Student must live in the Westwood High School boundary area or possess the necessary open enrollment paperwork and approvals. Proof of address can be motor vehicle registration, mortgage or rent receipt, lease agreement, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, tax return, or employer letter on letterhead.

Immunization Records - Proof of immunizations and dates. Student cannot register for school without this information.

Birth Certificate - Original or certified copy of the student's birth certificate.

Transcripts - Reflecting academic program from 9th through the last semester of school attended. These can be unofficial to get started but an official copy is necessary. 

Withdrawal Form - Withdrawal form from last high school.

Guardianship/Custody Paperwork - Court-ordered guardianship paperwork if student is not 18 and does not live with parents.

IEP - If student receives special education services. 

504 - If your child has a current 504 plan. 

Discipline Record - A copy of student's discipline record or a letter from the transferring school stating there is no discipline.

Attendance Record - Required if transferring during the school year.