Returning to Mesa Schools


Contact Us

Clerk --  480-472-4508

Secretary -- 480-472-4505
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Registrar -- 480-472-4507
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Withdraw Paperwork from previous school -- The previous school must withdraw your student from their records before we can enroll them here.  Schools should provide paperwork to you when this is completed.

Proof of Residence - Student must live in the Westwood High School boundary area or possess the necessary open enrollment and approvals. Proof of address can be motor vehicle registration, mortgage or rent receipt, lease agreement, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, tax return, or employer letter on letterhead.

Current Registration and
Emergency Information -- 
Generally the registration yellow pages showing any changes to phone, address, contact information.

If returning after more than two (2) years --
Must bring -- Birth Certificate and Immunization Record

Immunization Records - Proof of immunizations and dates. Student cannot register for school without this information.

Birth Certificate - Original or certified copy of the student's birth certificate.