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Course Description

This course will prepare students for the AP Biology exam and the IB Biology exam. It provides students with a learning experience equivalent to that of an introductory college course in Biology. This year, I am implementing a phenomena-based curriculum for the course, which means we will be exploring Biology content in an attempt to explain real-world phenomena. The rigor of the content will remain as high as it has in the past, but instead of students simply using their notes and resources to memorize the content, the focus will be on applying their knowledge to create models and explain how the world works. Students will also regularly be using the inquiry process, which will give them opportunities to more deeply explore the parts of the content they are most interested in.

Although deepening student understanding is the ultimate goal of this course, success on the AP exam is also an important goal. All students, whether signed up for IB or AP, are encouraged to take the AP exam. While it is not required, it will serve as the final for this course. This means that any students who do not take the AP exam will be required to take a make-up final that is equivalent to the AP exam (*students who are enrolled in SL Biology are exempt as they will be taking the SL IB exams at the end of the year). This make-up final exam will consist of AP style multiple choice questions as well as AP style free response questions.