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Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Schulte and this is my first year teaching at Westwood. I am thrilled to have become a warrior and wanted to take some time to give a little background on myself. I was born and raised in Arizona. I finished my B.A. at Arizona State University with a focus in African-African American Studies. Upon my graduation I went to Grand Canyon University and received an M.Ed in Secondary Education.

Thus far, I have taught for almost three years at two different schools and became certified in English and History. My focus is mainly in culturally responsive teaching practices and alternative (or what I prefer, divergent) learners. Throughout my career I have served very diverse communities of learners and I pride myself on connecting learning to the large range of experiences of my students. Along with teaching this, I have also taught a variety of different subjects. This includes English, World History, American History, and two new courses about Social Justice. 

This year, I will be teaching World History. Throughout this year students will begin to unravel the complexities and interconnections between the past and present. World History provides students with the opportunity to learn how various disciplines interconnect to shape the human experience. We will study economics, religion, science, philosophy, politics & law, social movements and much more. By the end of this course, students will be able to examine, evaluate and analyze the content in our course and determine how this information is important to not only their lives, but the larger world we live in. I am excited begin our academic journey together. Remember the power of Sankofa! We must go back and fetch it.