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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome back to the school year! I am looking forward to working with you and I am confident that you will enjoy this year and leave my classroom having increased your knowledge.  In order to make sure the classroom environment is optimal the following are necessary:

Classroom Expectations

  • Be prompt

    • Be in your assigned seat, quiet, when the bell rings

  • Be Prepared

    • Have all necessary materials EACH DAY

  • Be Active

    • Involve yourself in the classroom community, including turning your electronics OFF

  • Be Responsible

    • You are in charge of YOU

  • Be Respectful

    • Use positive language and listen while others are speaking

Choosing to follow the above rules will result in positive consequences, such as praise, rewards, educational games, as well as success for all students.

Choosing to ignore the above expectations will result in:

  • Verbal reminder of the expectation

  • Conference

  • Phone Call Home

  • Detention

  • ALC

  • Referral

Students will need to have the following EACH DAY:

  • Highlighter (any color)

  • Loose leaf college ruled notebook paper

  • Binder specifically for this class

  • Pencils

  • Blue or Black pens

  • Flash drive

  • Composition book for journals

Some important things to know about my class:

  • This is a core class and part of your graduation requirements.  

  • This class requires you to read, write, and think.

  • You will be expected to take Cornell notes daily.  

  • You are expected to be on time and in class every day.  

  • If you are absent you are responsible for all missed work: tests, class work, and due assignments.  

    • Tests must be made up in a timely fashion, meaning within 1 week of missing test.  

    • Class work, assignments and notes are to be made up immediately.  Find a buddy, get a phone number, facebook, etc, and get the work the night before.

  • Assignments are due at the beginning of the class, not in the middle, not at the end.  

  • Homework is a part of your grade. 

  • Everyone must be respectful to one another.   

  • Materials are expected to be in your possession every day.  

  • I am passionate about teaching and expect we have a wonderful year filled with fun and learning.


Grades will be determined on total points for each semester, not a grading scale.  Quarter grades will simply be the total points/percentage that you have at that time period.  The points will continue throughout the semester.  Students need to be accountable for the assignments given, and parents and students may check their grades online anytime.

Grading Scale:

Semester Grades will be awarded on a percent scale as follows:

A= 100-90%    D= 69-60%

B= 89-80%      F= 59-0%

C= 79-70%

Late Work

At the beginning of each semester, students will be given six passes to use for late work, to go to the restroom, or for up to 20 extra credit points (5 points per each pass) at the end of the semester.

Assignments are expected on time.  However, I realize things happen, and there may be a case where an assignment is late.  When this occurs, students will be expected to use one of the four passes given to them at the beginning of each semester.  When used to turn in a late assignment, the student must fill out the pass completely and staple it to the assignment.  For thorough and complete work, students may still earn full credit for late work with a pass. Late passes will only be accepted for one week after the assignment is due.

Absolutely no late work will be accepted without a pass, the last week of each quarter, or from a previous quarter.

For excused absences, students may make up missed assignments for full credit, but it is their responsibility to find out what they missed.  For missed homework assignments during excused absences, I will give an extension.  The student is allowed the number of days they were absent plus one.  For example, if a student misses 3 days, they will be allowed 4 days to turn in their work. All other late work will only be accepted if a late pass is attached to each individual assignment.

**If any circumstances or issues arise that may force a student to take an especially prolonged absence, please contact me so arrangements can be made**

Academic Integrity

I will follow all school and district policies regarding cheating and plagiarism.


Students will be considered tardy if you are not in the classroom when the final bell rings.  

More than ten minutes late to class and you will be considered absent and will need a note from the office.


There are many days that we may be accessing electronic devices to enrich the learning environment.  These devices may include laptops, desktops, cell phones, music players and much more.  

However, the teacher reserves the right to confiscate any electronic device at any time.  Any inappropriate or unnecessary use of any electronic device will result in confiscation.  Repeat offenses will result in a long-form write-up and possible suspension.

Office Hours

I will hold office hours M, T, and, H 7:25 AM - 7:55 AM, and 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM. W (early release).

By appointment times are available as needed.

My email address is 

I believe that we will have a great year together! Please sign and return the attached form as a means for me to know that you have had a chance to read these expectations, as well as your parent or guardian.  

This Syllabus Can be Amended at the Discretion Of the Instructor

*****ALERT***** After reading this, tell Mrs. Tanner and receive a prize. 

Please Return Bottom Half

I have read and understood the classroom policies and procedures outlined in the previous pages. I understand the consequences if I choose not to comply with them.

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