Madame Julia Spear


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I am so happy to be part of the World Language staff and World Language Department co-chair at Westwood High School.  I came here as a long-termprofile picture substitute and adored the staff and students so much that I jumped at the opportunity to stay.  I studied French all through high school and college, so I understand the dedication and diligence required to learn a language in a classroom setting.  I truly enjoy learning languages.  Besides French, I have studied German, Russian and American Sign Language.  I have a B.A from Arizona State University in Political Science with an emphasis in Russian and Eastern European Studies. My years post college entailed working in Operations Management and Human Resources before choosing to stay home with my children.  Teaching has somewhat become my "second act"  career-wise, and I thrive on the challenges it brings!  "À coeur vaillant rien d'impossible."(Nothing is impossible to a willing heart!)

I love teaching French and strive to make my classroom a fun learning environment while passing along my love of the French-speaking world.  I lived in Germany as a child and have traveled in France, Switzerland and Canada.   I enjoy sharing my knowledge about travel and francophone cultures throughout the world.  Language, to me, is not just the grammar and vocabulary; it's the people, history, food, art, literature and music.

I live in Mesa with my husband and our three amazing boys.