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Participation & Permission Slip:

A copy of our class policies will be distributed the day you enter class.  On the back of the handout is a Participation & Permission Slip.  This form must be signed by a parent/guardian & returned before a you will be allowed to participate. 

Student Expectations:

You are expected to be on time to class every day.

You are expected to be properly dressed out every day.

You are expected to participate in class every day.

Policy Summary:

Tardies - if you arrive after the tardy bell rings, you will be sent to sweep.

Attendance - if you get 10 absences, you will receive an "F" & no credit.

Appeals - you may appeal absences with the administration.

Proper Dress - white or gray t-shirt & blue, black, or gray shorts.

Non-Dress Out - you must dress out every day.

Injuries - report any & all injuries at the time of the injury.

Medical - excuses require a note from home, nurse, or doctor.

Locks & Lockers - you will be issued a lock & assigned a locker.

Grading - 90% of your grade will be based on your participation.

Fitness Test - 10% of your grade will be based on fitness testing.

Grading Scale - 90-100%=A, 80-89%=B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D, >60%=F

Make Up - you may choose to do Cornell Notes article summarization reports.

Extra Credit - limited to 10 points per each 9 week grading period.

Bonus Points - 10 points for perfect attendance each 9 week grading period.