Mr. Joshua Wilson

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Phone: (480) 630-9456  (between 7am and 5pm Weekdays)


Thank you for visiting my page. This is my second year at Westwood High School teaching Earth and Space Science. Previously, I have taught 8th grade science at Fremont Junior High School. I love my career, and I have fun learning and teaching about the natural world around us!  

In this Earth and Space Science class, we will learn how all the natural systems on Earth are connected. Why does weather happen? What is climate, and what affects it? What forms does energy take, and where does it come from? In what ways is energy transformed here on Earth? How is it stored? What is the history of this planet? These are some of the many big questions that we will be investigating in this class. 

I graduated from ASU with a Bachelor's of Arts in Education for Secondary Education. My science background is in Geology. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's Degree from Northern Arizona University. 

When not teaching or learning, I enjoy visiting family that live out of state, watching sports, cycling, enjoying the many trails we have in the Valley with my dog, Lilo, finding my way to the beach, and reading new books. 

I hope you have a great day today! Please peruse my page to find information about what we are learning and doing! If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I will respond quickly to help!

Below: Satellite image from EUMETSAT showing 2015 Hurricane Patricia strengthening and approaching Jalisco, Mexico overnight. This was the strongest hurricane on record in the Western Hemisphere. It quickly dissipated because of the Sierra Madre mountain range, but brought heavy rains to the American Southeast that caused widespread flooding. Read more here

Satellite image over 2015 Hurricane Patricia at night