Mrs. Janaki Geetha Yasanayake

Photo- Mrs. Yasanayake



           Email: Click Here   

           Phone: 480 472 4513 (classroom 129)     



               Algebra 2  (MA40)

              College Algebra  (MA42)

              College Algebra (MA42 - Dual Enrollment)                                                                                                          



                   Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

                                      University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

                   Master of Education in Secondary Mathematics

                                        Arizona State University


    Prior Teaching Experience

           Teaching assistant - College of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri lanka

           Engineering Mathematics Instructor - Chaya Engineering, Phoenix, AZ

           HSE/GED Mathematics and Science Instructor - Rio Salado Community College, Tempe, AZ.



 I was born in Sri Lanka, a beautiful tropical island in Indian ocean. After graduating with my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, I joined the academic staff in the same university, as a teaching assistant with the intention of further pursuing graduate studies in engineering. When I was about to accept a full scholarship to a university in Germany to enroll in a masters degree in energy technology, my life offered me a different destination: I got married to my husband who was pursuing his graduate studies at the Arizona State University and came to USA in 1993. It took me a while to embrace the beauty in the Arizona desert, as I was used to wake up to the lush green tropical surroundings every morning. Meeting new friends and birth of my sons helped me to fill up my lost connections to Sri Lanka life, to some extent.

Following my passion for teaching, I earned a master's degree in secondary mathematics education at Arizona State University and joined the Westwood high school in 2016.

I live with my family: my two sons, my husband, and our little dog, Nisa. My kids graduated from AZ public schools. They are currently engaged in their next adventures in higher education and in their careers. My older son is pursuing his PhD at the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. My younger son graduated from W.P.Carry Business school at ASU. He spent the first three months of this year (2020) in Sri Lanka immersed in Sri Lankan culture. He is back in USA and currently waiting to start his new career in environmental conservation. 


 I try to find life balance through gardening, Hiking, creating fusion food and Sri Lankan dishes, spending time with my family, taking walks with my dog, travelling to see friends and family, meditation, and reading non-fictions. I see mathematics as an art that represents patterns, relationships and inter-connectedness, and an instrument that refines and elevates our thinking processes. I'm very grateful that I have the opportunity to make a positive impact towards the success of my students through my passion of teaching mathematics.,