Mr. Joe Fairchild

World History

Dear Parents,

 As we enter this period of time of growth, I encourage you to keep up with your student's learning in regards to world history. Remember that we are always creating history in our personal lives as well as in the community and world around us. If you have any questions about your student's grades or behavior, please feel free to contact me either by phone or email. A quick reminder that grades at the beginning of the quarter or semester are affected more by a low or failing grade than at the end of the quarter/semester so don't be too alarmed if your student's grade isn't quite what you want it to be now. Track his/her quiz grades and assignments and as long as he/she is turning things in, he/she will be ok as the semester/quarter progress.


Assignments: Assignments are given usually at the beginning of a class period and most of the time I plan so that the work can be completed during my class. There should be very few times throughout the school year that your student will have homework in my class. If he/she does, it is either because he/she did not understand the assignment or did not use his/her time wisely in class.

Lunch tutoring: any student that maintains an "A" in my class will not be required to attend lunch tutoring (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) for the first 15 minutes of lunch (they still will have time to get lunch) to work on missing assignments or missing tests. These are the two areas that prevent a student from obtaining a higher grade. Any other student that has a missing assignment that does not have an "A" in my class MUST attend lunch tutoring. This follows the "E" in our PRIDE program that stands for excellence. I will inform parents if a student fails to show.

Late work:  I accept late work on a full credit basis up until an announced date (usually 2 days before the quarter/semester ends). This means that your student can turn in any missing assignments for 100% credit. Most failing or low grades are due to missing assignments. There is no reason for this as I give them the opportunity to turn them in.


Tests: To prepare students for future test-taking experiences in their lives I will require a current ID on test days. Tests will be pre-announced through both written messages on the board and verbal instructions and reminders. If a student does not have a current ID, he/she must come in either at lunch or after school in order to take the test. A "0" will be inputted into the gradebook until the test is taken. The ID requirement applies to such tests as AIMS and the different college entrance exams and so I want to foster this habit early so that it will become automatic in their lives much the same as adults carry driver's licenses on us.


Grading:  Grades follow the standard way grading: 90-100 = “A”, 80-89 = “B”, 70-79 = “C”, 60-69 = “D”, below 50 = “F”.

Behavior:  The expectation in my class for behavior is to act like a young man or young woman should: polite and courteous of me and everybody else in class. I expect them to act in the same manner that you expect them to act.

Questions:  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me so that we can discuss them. This reinforces to your student that part of being a young adult is being able to discuss problems and solutions to find a resolution. You can contact me at 472-4561or email me at  


Phone: 472-4561


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