Course Description 


This is a yearlong course that offers opportunities to apply your knowledge from Intro and Advanced Culinary in a way to prepare you for the food service industry and or culinary school. You will be taking the nationally recognized ServSafe exam this year, which will set you apart from other young adults in the industry. This certification will allow you to move up easily to a supervisory or manager in training position in the real world.

Class Policies: 

              *Attendance; Whether in person or online is key to a successful year. Makeup work must be completed based  on number of days missed. All lessons are in Canvas and available at any time. 

              *Tardies; Students are expected to be in the classroom/lab or online meeting space at the start of our period. 

             *Test & Quizzes; Students may retake any quiz or test with the exception of certification and semester  exams. Student must notify me via email or in person (virtual or otherwise) of this within one (1) school day of  the grade being posted. 

       *Assignments; All assignments and projects may be resubmitted with corrections to improve any prior    grades and show mastery of the subject. Group projects must involve all members of the group for grade  change.

**Any resubmittals must be done prior to the last five school days of the semester.**

*Missing Work; Any work that is missing will be recorded as a zero in the Synergy grade book with a      missing note. Missing work is eligible for assignment regrading as noted above but will receive loss of full     credit if turned in beyond absence or accommodation time frame. All missing/late work must be turned in     prior to the last five school days of the semester. A maximum of half credit will be given to any work turned in  late and after the absence or accommodation time frame. 

        *Grading; Grading is assigned on the following scale and will run through the entire semester: 

90-100 = A

89-80 = B

79-70 = C

69-60 = D

59-0 = F

*Weighting; Tests/Quizzes/Projects/Labs 55%  and Class Assignments 45% 

Office Hours for Online Learning: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:15-11:15 am or by appointment

Office Hours for In-person Learning: By appointment Monday-Friday 1:15-3:15 or after school 


Phone: (480) 331-4821

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