Now enrolling K-12 students for the 2021-22 school year | Ahora inscribiendo estudiantes de kínder a doceavo grado para el año escolar 2021-22 Enroll now | Inscríbase ahora

Student Expectations:

* Be involved; sign in during scheduled class time and participate

* Be prepared; come to classes with all required materials, ready to go

* Read directions carefully. I will be available for clarification, but not always in real time.

* Completing assignments and turning in on time

* Advocate for yourself; if you need help, ask! If you don’t understand something, ask! If you are unsure of my expectations, guidelines, rules, etc., ask! If you are unsure why you received a particular grade, ask!


What to Expect from Me:

* Respond to emails from students/parents within 24 working hours. Emails sent after 4pm on Friday will have a response Monday morning, or next school day if holiday or break.

* Will be available via Remind for quick questions and will respond in real time during school hours, M-F

* Posted office hours each week for one on one meetings with students

* Small group WebEx meetings each week for designated courses as needed

* Recorded video instruction along with written instruction for weekly lessons

* Live WebEx lessons each week, scheduled accordingly based on class

(Email/Phone Number are found on main page, Office Hours are found under the designated Course under 'Course Outline/Policies')