Students, I hope your are having a great day and that you are enjoying your classes.  New year, new information but the same old stuff; treat each other with respect, show up every day and do your personal best!

Parents, I have taught for nearly twenty years and have learned a great deal about best practices and instruction.  I have a passion for my subject area and have high standards and expectations for every one of my students.  Teaching is by far one of the most challenging careers and with your help and support we can help every student succeed.  Rest assured that I will challenge and provide a safe learning environment for your son or daughter.

If you have questions or concerns in regards to class and or instruction, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail and usually e-mails are faster for me to access and thus respond to but your phone calls will certainly be returned as soon as possible.

Mr. Juan Lara

Email: jllara@mpsaz.org
Phone: 480-472-4569

MPS Curriculum & Instruction

Social Studies Standards