Jodi Gilletti- Freshman Science, Environmental Science, and Soccer.  

Please use my email address below for all correspondence.

Students: Please bring your device to class everyday, and make sure you bring it charged! Some days we will not use a computer at all, so in that case you will need the following supplies:

Strongly Suggested Supplies:

- one spiral notebook for science only

- pencil and/or pen

Suggested Supplies:

- colored pencils, markers, ruler, glue stick, calculator

Education and Experience

Certification:      7-12 science

Endorsements:  ESL and biology

Degrees:            M.Ed-. Educational Leadership,

                             B.S. Wildlife Biology 

Other:  CRESMET- Pathways program for math and science teachers

             MSTF- Math and Science Teaching Fellows Summer Program

Teaching Experience:  15 + years

Tutoring is available before and after school by appointment.

Fill out form for computer check out. You will be asked to enter your school email address before you have access to the form for computer check out.



EPA spill turns Colorado river orange

This environmental catastrophe of the Animas River hits close to home for me and many others in the southwest.