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About Biology:

Life science focuses on the patterns, processes, and relationships of living organisms. At the high school level, students apply concepts learned in earlier grades to real-world situations and investigations using the science and engineering practices to fully explore phenomena and to develop solutions to societal problems related to food, energy, health, and environment. The field of life science is rapidly advancing and new technology and information related to the study of life processes is being developed daily. Students in high school should have access to up-to-date information in the field while simultaneously gaining understanding of the historical developments which shaped today’s understandings within the field. The standards for life science encompass the areas of cells and organisms; ecosystems, interactions, energy and dynamics; heredity; and biological diversity. Like Earth and space sciences and physical sciences, “connections” with the life science standards allow educators to make connections across scientific disciplines. The essential standards are those that every high school student is expected to know and understand. Plus standards in life science are designed to extend the concepts learned in the essential standards to prepare students for entry level college courses. 

Jodi Gilletti

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Biology Instructor

Education and Experience

Certification:      7-12 science

Endorsements:  ESL, Physical Science, and Biology

Degrees:            M.Ed-. Educational Leadership,

                             B.S. Wildlife Biology 

Other:  CRESMET- Pathways program for math and science teachers

             MSTF- Math and Science Teaching Fellows Summer Program

Teaching Experience:  15 + years in the classroom and 5+ years online with MDLP


Tutoring available through Webex


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