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Classroom Procedures

Teachers will handle tardies in their classroom.

  • Tardy is defined as a student who is not across the door threshold when the bell finishes ringing. 
  • Students who enter the classroom prior to the 10 minute mark will still be marked tardy, but will remain in the classroom.
  • Students who arrive after the 10 minute mark will be sent to room 406 and will be marked as an unexcused tardy (TDU) by administrator.
  • Students with 1-4 tardies will be handled with the classroom teacher.
    • By the 3rd tardy, teacher will give student verbal warning and call home.
    • When the student reaches his/her 5th tardy, teacher may call parents, write a referral, and send to the appropriate attendance dean.
    • Teachers may then write a referral for each subsequent tardy.
    • Each referral will state the period and number of tardies (ex: 5th tardy, 2nd period)
      • Tardies will reset at the beginning of each quarter.

Administration Procedures

The following are possible consequences, decided by the attendance dean and administration

  • 1st teacher referral  -  lunch detention
    • No show to lunch detention equals 1 Saturday School
  • 2nd teacher referral - 2 lunch detentions
    • If student misses two consecutive lunch detentions, a referral should be sent to the grade level administrator.
  • 3rd teacher referral - Saturday School
    • No shows to Saturday School will be handled by grade level administrator.
  • 4th teacher referral or more will be sent to the grade level administrator.