Mr. Jesse Castellano

Mr. Jesse Castellano




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I was born and raised in Arizona and have lived here all of my life.  I have been involved in art for most of that time and it is hard for me to imagine teaching anything else. My interest to teach art began in high school where my area of concentration was ceramics at the time. And even though I continued my studies in clay I found myself deeply interested in photography as well. 

In 1978 I did my student teaching at Mesa High School under the supervision of Dr. William McCarl, a former teacher of Mesa High. The following year I was hired to take over the duties of teaching photography where I served as the photography and a ceramics instructor for 34 years. 

After 3 years at Dobson High School as a Jewelry, Drawing and Ceramics instructor my adventure has now taken me to Westwood High School where I am currently the Ceramics teacher and starting my 4th year at WHS! I am very excited to be teaching  a subject that started for me when I was a high school student over 40 years ago.


Casa Grande Union High School, 1974

Central Arizona College, A. A., 1976

Arizona State University, B.A. Art Education., 1979

Northern Arizona University, M.A. Educational Leadership, 1993

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  Lidded Moon Jar

Mr. Castellano


Stoneware Reduction Fired Lidded Moon Jar

Shino Glaze with Red Iron Oxide Wash, Cone 10