Ms. Libers

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SpaceWelcome to 9th grade science!!!  I look forward in getting to know you.  This school year you will become astronomers, physicist, chemist, engineers and researchers.  The first quarter is the study of Astronomy.  Within the astronomy unit you will learn about the Big Bang Theory, life cycle of a star and 8 scientists who have contributed to the theory of what is known today.

NewtThe second quarter we will study Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion (you will need a calculator!!!!) followed by the Atomic structure.  Third quarter we are continuing with the study of Atomic structure (you will become little chemist).  Fourth quarter we will learn about sustainably and how we as a class and as individuals can make an impact to decrease our greenhouse gasses. You will design a solar oven that will cook a hotdog within 5 minutes. AtomDuring the fourth quarter we will also be learning scientific method were you will be designing your own experiment and presenting to your findings to your classmates as well as other teachers.


AssistPress on the other links to learn about classroom expectations, safety within the 9th grade class, Supplies that are needed for you to be successful within our class and daily calendar of what we are doing each day (just in case you are absent you can make up the work at home)