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Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics


Mr. Ide                             Westwood High School                2020-2021



Welcome:  I want to welcome you as a valued member of my classroom.  Everyone on my classes is different because it is made up of individuals like you, who contribute to that period’s unique personality.  I hope that I can make you feel at ease with expressing your thoughts, voicing your objections, and asking questions that clarify the learning.  A classroom is only a place of quality learning if its members feel that they are a valued part of the learning process.  I will do my best to create an environment where the learning is relevant, understandable, and challenging.


Classroom Environment:  As you are walking down hall 4, how do you feel as you enter room 415?  I promote and practice four elements that must be present for an enjoyable and quality learning experience.




            Compassion for the Individual:

            Positive Mental Attitude (P.M.A.)


Purpose:  Let’s talk



          1.  Communicate intelligently about U.S. government and politics

          2.  Acquire enough information to succeed on AP exam in May.

          3.  Learn to become an informed and active member of society.

          4.  Achieve an awareness of current issues in our society.


Grades:  Standard grading scale applies. Grades will represent learning. 75% Tests and Quizzes... 25% various assignments.


Tests:  This course will be divided into ten units, there will be an exam following each unit of study.  With each unit, you will put together a packet, consisting notes, reading guides, vocabulary, and other various assignments.  Tests questions will be pulled from your packets.  Packets will be due on test day.  (Makeup and Retakes)


Quiz/Current Event Friday:  Every Friday we will have a quiz.  Every Friday a current event will be due.  (Late work)


Units of Study/Reading



Text:  Government in America, Edwards, Wattenberg, and Lineberry-13th Edition.


Supplemental Readings:  American Government: Readings and Cases, Woll.

American Government, Bose and Dilulio.  Additional reading material may be used throughout the year.




Unit 1 (Foundations) Outline Chapters 1&2 Lineberry


·          Modern American Government

·          Origins of Democratic Thought

·          Revolution and Independence

·          Articles of Confederation

·          Philadelphia Convention

·          Ratification


Unit 2 (Constitutional Principles) Chapters 1-3 Lineberry


·          Constitutionalism (rule of law)

·          Popular Sovereignty

·          Separation of Powers

·          Checks and Balances

·          Flexibility

·          Federalism (grants; types of federalism)


Unit 3 (Political Beliefs and Behaviors) Chapters 6-11 Lineberry


·          Public Policy Participants

·          Demographics/Pluralism

·          Ideology and Public Opinion

·          Linkage Institutions

·          Parties & Interest Groups

·          Participation and Voting


Unit 4 (Legislative Branch) Chapter 12 Lineberry


·          Structure of Congress

·          Elections and Representation

·          Powers of Congress

·          Public policy Processes

·          Nonlegislative Roles

·          State and Local Issues (federalism)


Unit 5 (Executive Branch) Chapter 13 Lineberry


·          Roles of the President

·          Power & Public Policy

·          Modern Presidents

·          Presidential History

·          The Executive Office

·          Presidential Elections


Unit 6 (Government and Fiscal Policy) Chapter 14 Lineberry


·          The OMB

·          The Budget Process

·          Deficits and National Debt

·          Fiscal Policy-Taxing & Spending

·          The Money Multiplier

·          Aggregate Supply & Demand

·          Gross Domestic Product

·          Business Cycle

·          Inflation


Unit 7 (Federal Bureaucracy) Chapter 15 Lineberry


·          Professional Administrators

·          Organization

·          The Cabinet

·          Independent Agencies

·          Policy Implementation

·          Public Policy Issues


Unit 8 (Judicial Branch) Chapter 16 Lineberry


·          Structure & Jurisdiction

·          Appellate Processes

·          The Supreme Court

·          Judicial Review (Marbury v. Madison)

·          Philosophy & Public Policy

·          The 14th Amendment


Unit 9 (civil Rights and Liberties) Chapters 4&5 Lineberry


·          The Bill of Rights

·          The 14th Amendment

·          Life, Liberty, and Property (rights of the accused)

·          Five Freedoms (1st Amendment

·          Civil Rights in America

·          Right to Privacy


Unit 10 (Economic Principles) Chapters17-19 Lineberry


·          Scarcity and Choice

·          Production Possibilities (diagram)

·          Circular Flow Model (diagram)

·          Market Systems & Allocation