ImageMiss Lisa Monte

English Teacher


Professional Profile

*  Master of Education/Counseling

*  Bachelor of Science in Education

*  Bachelor of Arts/Journalism

Professional Experience 

Westwood High School Teacher of English

East Valley Academy Teacher of Social Studies

Philosophy of Education

     I believe that public education has a special role in our society, and I am inspired to help young people make the most of their opportunities in this wonderful system.  English is a subject to build vocabulary, reading, writing, and thinking skills.  In a broader sense, it is the place to build a bright future. 

      "There is a place for America to make a stand.  It is public education.

     It is the underpinning of our culture and political system.  It is the great

     common ground.  Public education, after all, is the engine that moves

     us as a society toward a common destiny.  It is in public education

     that the American Dream begins to take shape."

                                                                                        Tom Brokaw

                                                                                        NBC News Anchor


Interests, Hobbies, Activities:  reading, watching movies, gardening, socializing with friends and family, walking my dog Leo, decorating, singing, serving on my community's HOA board, collecting artifacts, attempting home improvements