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  Honors Chemistry 1st Semester 

Ms Tozzi
Phone 480-472-4605 
school e-mail:


Course Goals

  • For each student to achieve the defined Arizona State Standards for High School Chemistry. 

  • To prepare students for further study in science and at the same time to present material of use in daily life. 

  • To encourage the spirit of scientific investigation and with it the attitudes of accuracy in thought and work. 

Procedures and routines: All of the rules and guidelines described in your MPS student handbook will be followed. The following are additions that will apply to Chemistry.

Supplies: A notebook or binder is highly recommended for notes, student laptop, pens, and   pencils, highlighters and scientific calculator. 


Guidelines for Success:

1. Have a positive attitude and do your very best each day.

2.Tardies and Hall passes: Students are required to be in class. If you are more than 5 

   minutes late you will report to ALC room. 3rd tardy parent contacted, 5th or more referral

   to office. Hall passes are issued at the discretion of the teacher. 

  No passes the first and last 10 minutes of class. 

3. Cell phones and other electronic devices: Cell phone use is at the discretion of the teacher and should not be out during class unless specified by the teacher. Headphones corded or cordless are not allowed during class unless specified by the teacher. Cell phones may not be used during tests or quizzes.                          

4. Make up work: If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get the 

   assignments you missed.  Check the assignment folder/calendar for assignments 

   you have missed. You get one day to make up assignments for each day you are absent.  

   Being absent the day before a test or quiz does not excuse you from taking the test 

   or quiz as scheduled. If you are absent the day of a test or quiz you will take the day

   you return to class class. 

5. You are expected to come in for tutoring in the mornings after school or by appointment.

Unit Test Retakes:

  • May retake unit tests only.  Score must be below 70% to retest. 

  • If you choose to retest. The original test will count for 20% of your test score the retest 80% 

  • No missing assignments for the unit. 

  • See my office hours posted by my door to come in for tutoring/help. 

  • Must do the remediation assignments and/or tutoring on the unit you are retaking the test over. The remediation assignments can be worked on during tutoring sessions. 

  • You must retake within 2 weeks of the original test date and must make an appointment and come in on your own time to test.

Grading: Quarter grade Semester grade

Tests/quizzes                                    70%           1st and 2nd quarter 80%

Assignment(labs and all other work) 30%           Semester final      20%  

Behavior:  Your behavior should be considerate and not interrupt or interfere with the

                    learning of others. 

Expectations: The student is expected to:

  1. Participate- be an active learner, come to class prepared.

  2. Responsibility- Be on time, cell phones and electronics away.

  3. Interconnectedness- Work with others in a positive way, ask questions. 

  4. Dignity- Respect others and their belongings, use appropriate language.

  5. Excellence- Have a positive attitude and do your best every day.

  6. Follow all the safety rules outlined in this class.

  7. Follow all the school wide rules while in class. 


    • Reminder/warning to the student

    • Teacher/student conference

    • Student/teacher behavior plan

    • Parent/guardian notification

    • Administrative referral

Laboratory behavior: Do not endanger any person including you by violating any safety procedure. Violation of any safety procedure will result in removal from the lab for that lab. 

You will not receive credit for a lab you are removed from for a safety violation.

Plagiarism and Cheating: 

It is expected that students work independently on quizzes and tests and other assignments 

as directed.  Incidents of plagiarism and cheating will be documented and reported to

parents and the administration.  Evidence of cheating will result in a zero for the test, quiz, or


assignment.  See Student Handbook.