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Ms. Melissa King

Syllabus for Geometry (MA 30)

Click here to download Syllabus.

Instructor: Melissa King Room: 602 

Email: Click Here  Phone: (480) 472-4458

Course Description: The course is designed to explore mathematical concepts that include Inductive/Deductive Reasoning and their proofs, Perpendicularity/Parallelism, Triangle congruency and properties, and Polygons. The emphasis of this course will be placed on the conceptual understanding, problem solving, and practical applications of mathematical principles.

Books: Big Ideas Geometry by Ron Larson/ Laurie Boswell. (book/ digital copy)

Online login: go to, scroll to the bottom, and click on Learning Dashboard

Recommended Materials: loose leaf paper, notebook, or binder, 10 dividers, highlighter, pens, pencils, scientific calculator*


*If you are going to invest in a nice calculator, we recommend getting a TI-84 Plus calculator which can be used throughout high school and college. It can also be used on SAT and ACT tests.

Classroom Expectations:

Westwood Pride Poster

Consequences for Classroom Expectations:

This classroom will follow the Westwood Warrior PRIDE consequence system. Incidences will be documented with a Minor Incident Report (MIR) and more severe disruptions will be recorded with a referral to an administrator. 

Grading System

Assignments: 20%

Assignments may include notes, participation in a group or assignments that are turned in before the student leaves for the day or homework. Most assignments will be posted on the class canvas page, but some may be given in class.

Quizzes: 30%

There will be quizzes given over the course of the semester, mostly announced, and these will be designed to measure how well the students understand the concepts that have been covered in class.  These are individual quizzes and are to help show how each individual student is performing so fellow group members or notes, unless otherwise directed, will not be allowed during these quizzes.

Assessments: 50%

Exams/Projects will be regular and announced. Each exam will focus on the one specific topic with a few review questions added on later exams. The exams will be comprised of free response questions. The exam/project will be designed in accordance to the homework assignments and quizzes. 

Retake Policy

Students are encouraged to retake any quiz or test on which they perform poorly. To retake a test, students are strongly encouraged to have all assignments for the unit turned in and demonstrate they can improve their score. The deadline to retake quizzes or tests is the end of the semester and may vary slightly by teacher.

Final Exam: 20% (Overall Grade)

There will be a cumulative semester exam given at the end of the semester.

Course Grade = 80% A  90-100%

Final Exam = 20% B  80-89%

    C  70-79%

    D  60-69%

    F  Below 60%

Although grades may be posted in canvas or through their online textbook only the grades that appear in the student portal are the official grades


Online Resources:



Khan Academy



The instructor reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the syllabus, if needed the changes will be announced in class with a written copy to be sent home.