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Ms. Melissa King
Algebra 2


Algebra II Syllabus (MA 40)

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Contact Information:

 Ms. King              Room 602         (480) 472-4458           Email: Click Here


This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Geometry with a C or better.  Geometric and algebraic concepts are extended and connected to topics in probability and statistics, trigonometry, and discrete mathematics.  There is a focus on the development of students’ abilities to reason both numerically and spatially, to communicate and solve problems employing a wide variety of approaches, technology, and disciplines.  The difficulty level of this course is above average.  Cell phones will only be used for academic purposes under teacher direction.



The following items will be used often during the Algebra II course:

1.    Textbook: Algebra II Big Ideas for High School

2.    Pencils, ink pens, markers or colored pencils, ear-buds to listen to videos.

3.    Loose-leaf notebook paper is used for all written assignments.

4.    A folder with pockets or a three-ring binder is used to keep course papers organized

5.    Graph paper is required and used on a regular basis.

6.    A graphing Calculator (TI-84 or Desmos) is highly recommended.  The WWHS Mathematics teachers believe calculators should be used to supplement, expand, and challenge a student’s math experience.  A calculator should be used as a tool, not as a crutch, and therefore does not replace the requirement to show work.


Course Requirements:

        Math Help/Tutoring.  Ask questions during class and seek additional help outside of class before an upcoming assessment.  Do not wait until right before the quiz/test to decide to find help.  I will be available for help during my office hours.  You may also get additional help through the online Big Ideas Resources, canvas, school clubs, counseling dept., private tutors, and the after school tutoring programs.


        Assignment.  Following each lesson, students will be given a related assignment, whether by worksheet, computer, or other.  In accordance with Westwood Grading Policy, students will have a 2-week window to re-do these assignments. Once the two week window has expired, the Assignment grade will be finalized.


        Tests/Quizzes.  We will study about four units per semester.  Content Mastery will be assessed using computer-based Tests and/or Quizzes. In accordance with Westwood Grading Policy, students will have multiple opportunities to re-take both Tests and Quizzes to demonstrate mastery.  Tests and Quizzes can be re-taken up until the Friday before the Semester Final Exam.

  • Projects. Content mastery will be assessed using a project to show understanding of concepts. In accordance with Westwood Grading Policy, students will have multiple opportunities to re-do projects to demonstrate mastery.  Projects can be redone up until the Friday before the Semester Final Exam.

Progress Reports.  In order to monitor student progress, grades are done online and can be checked as needed.  The gradebook in Synergy is the official course gradebook.  Canvas will record grades for individual tasks, but this is not the official grade.

COURSE GRADING                                                      

Quarter Grading Policy:                                                   Semester Grading Policy:

Assessments                      50%                         Semester course grade     80%  

Quizzes                              30%                          Final Exam                       20%    

Assignment Checks           20%


Course Expectation

Classroom management and discipline will be administered within the guidelines of the Student Statement of Awareness and the Westwood PRIDE Program.


Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be present and ready to begin when the bell rings.  Students will be marked tardy if they arrive within the first 5 minutes of class.  Students will be marked absent if they arrive later.


Additional Resources


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