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IB Math Analysis & Approches HL II / AP Calculus BC

This is the second year of the IB Mathematics Higher Level or AP Calculus sequence for students with a very strong math background to prepare them for future studies in science, technology, and mathematics. Students will learn to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems in a variety of contexts and then justify or prove their results. Topics includes trigonometry, vectors, statistics, differential and integral calculus, infinite series, differential equations, and proof.

For more information and a list of assignments see the canvas page:


To meet the requirement for mathematics for the IB diploma at the higher level, you must complete two types of assessments:

            External Assessments (exams)                                                  

Paper 1:  short answer and extended response questions                                        30%

    based on core topics, no calculator allowed, 2 hours

Paper 2:  short answer and extended response questions                                        30%

 a graphing display calculator (GDC) is required, 2 hours

Paper 3:  extended response questions requiring extension of learning                  20%

 a GDC is required, 1 hour

Internal Assessments         mathematical investigation                                                          20%               

We will cover all the content required for the assessments this year.  Topics new this year will be covered in depth and topics covered in previous courses will be briefly reviewed.



In May, students will take the Advanced Placement Calculus BC exam.  The exam consists of two sections:

            Section 1:  multiple choice section over a wide variety of topics                         50%

                        Part A:  28 questions, no calculator allowed, 55 minutes

                        Part B:  17 questions, graphing calculator required, 50 minutes

            Section 2:  free-response questions that demonstrate extended reasoning           50%

                        Part A:  2 questions, graphing calculator required, 30 minutes

                        Part B:  4 questions, no calculator allowed, 60 minutes

This course will prepare you to do well on the exam.  It is equivalent to the first two semesters of College Calculus.





Your quarter grades are based on scores you earn in the following:

Assignments                           10%

            Assignments will be given each day.  You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and correct your work the next day.  All the homework for each unit should be combined and turned in the day of the unit test.  Late homework will be accepted for a limited time.

Tests/Quizzes                         90%

            There will be one test per unit and there may be up to 2 quizzes per unit.  Retakes are offered on condition of 100% completion of homework.


Your semester grade will be 80% of your cumulative grade on the units covered so far that semester plus 20% of your score on the mathematical investigation (for IB students this is also your IA).  The grading scale is as follows:

                                                90 – 100%                   A (5.0)

                                                80 –   89%                   B (4.0)

                                                70 –   79%                   C (3.0)

                                                60 –   69%                   D (2.0)

                                                59% or less                  F (0.0)