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Group Expectations

Much of the instruction given in the class will utilize groups that students will be been placed in.  With that in mind there are certain policies that students need to abide by when they are working as members of these collaborative groups:

• Respect the ideas of all others in the group even if they are different from your own.

• A student’s responsibility is to compare work with an emphasis on understanding how the other person was thinking and not simply sharing answers.

• Students will need to come to class daily prepared with their homework done and ready to engage in a discussion of the mathematics.

• All students should be involved equally in the work that is done in their group.  No one person should do more than any other member.

Classroom Expectations:

All students will be expected to live up to these classroom expectations in addition to the group expectations previously listed.

• Speak with Meaning

• Listen for Understanding

• Be in your seat when the bell rings

• Come to class prepared to learn