Coach Sean Freeman

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sean Freeman, Sundown/Credit Recovery Advisor. I'm also one of the Assistant Football Coaches here at Westwood High School. But when I'm not educating or coaching up our youth, you can catch me motivating unknown superheroes, such as : BatGuy, Underwater Man, Charlamagne, DJ Envy, And Anglea Yee, and many others to name. Now, I know you maybe thinking..."WOW ! This is an amazing man".....I would have to agree with you as well. Thank you. But that's just a little snippet into the world of Coach Sean Freeman. If it wasn't for my current contract situation with Westwood, I was going to go and be apart of the Space Force. It takes a lot to be amazing. But you PARENTS are the amazing ones !

ALL jokes aside, just a little humor and a peak into my personality. I'm originally from Mesa, Arizona. Grew up here in the Westwood community and even graduated from Westwood in 2001 (WAR EAGLE !!) I worked for the University of Phoenix for ten years and then started coaching high school football. I became a teacher, mentor, and coach because I had some awesome men and women here at Westwood that helped me become a better young man in life. 

I'm engaged and set to be married in May of 2021. I love the game of football and how it molds our kids to overcome adversity, work together despite the color of your skin, and celebrate your successes. Welp.....That's it for me. In the words of the great Sean L. Freeman (Me)


"Eagles Don't Fly With Pigeons"


-Coach Sean L. Freeman