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Ms. Tracy Duray

Westwood High School Biology Syllabus: Remote Spring 2021

Remote Only Teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. 

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My name is Tracy Duray

I’ve been teaching for 4 years and come from the medical field/background where I have held certifications in Coding, Nursing Assistant, and Diagnostic Echocardiography.  I taught my first 2 years in Phoenix as a math teacher but my passion is BIOLOGY!!  So…..I came back to my very own high school (Westwood: Class of 1996!!)  to teach science. 

I’ve been a science teacher at Westwood for the past 2 years.  



Biology is a two semester high school science course that covers the principles governing all life and is required for graduation. This class is designed to give you an understanding of the living world and the interrelationships with each other and its environment. Content will consist of the study of cells, genetics, ecology, plants, animals along with anatomy and physiology. 

The course assignments can be found in Canvas at 



Grades are available online at (Links to an external site.) for both students and parents. 


 Grades are weighted as follows:


 Formative Assessments                        70%

(Tests, Projects, Presentations, and Labs) 


Coursework                                            30%          

(Question Development, Discussions, Group Work and Scientific Reading/Writing)  


The grade scale: 

A   =   90-100

B   =   80-89

C   =   70-79

D   =   60-69

F   = 0-59 (no credit)