Tim Miholich 

Tim Miholich

Counselor/Student Advisor at Westwood High School 


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Phone: 480-472-4482


I was born and raised in the shadow of the Golden Dome in South Bend, IN. I come from a family where hard work and long hours go hand in hand; your word is everything and you don't ever allow someone or yourself to tarnish your name. Graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education and enjoyed playing football and coaching for 17 years.

Graduation brought new opportunities as my wife and I traveled west and landed in Tempe, AZ where I worked full time as a Business Education teacher then Counselor and football coach. I was graduated from Arizona State University with two master degrees in the area of counseling.  I have been in education my entire life, mostly in private industry but have spent 13 of my 16 years in secondary education as a high school Counselor.

My wife Barbie and I have one son who died April 24, 2011 and seven daughters, 11 grandchildren and 2 boxer puppies. We enjoy family time, walking with the puppies early in the morning, giving thanks for another day to serve and assist the children of the community and do the purpose which God placed us on earth to do. All we do is for Him for without Him, I could not do what I do.

Barb and I enjoy roaming around antique stores, watching different DVD movies and have a great collection of modern Christian movies. We also enjoy true sports and action/adventure movies, and our passion is Notre Dame Football on Saturday, ASU and Cardinals.

I hope we can meet and get to know one another. I truly look forward to that opportunity. Have a great year.

"Children will listen to what you say, and they will do what you tell them, but they will become who you are.”