Syllabus for Honors Algebra 2             Fall 2020


Instructor: Zachary Fuller             Room:        111                 email:

Office Hours: During School Hours anytime that Live Classes are not happening. The link to my Webex Space is on Canvas.



This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Geometry and Algebra 1.  The ideal student for this course performed well in previous math classes and is ready to further develop their mathematical thinking. Geometric and algebraic concepts are extended and connected to topics in probability and statistics, trigonometry, and discrete mathematics.  There is a focus on the development of students’ abilities to reason both numerically and spatially, to communicate and solve problems employing a wide variety of approaches, technology, and disciplines.  The difficulty level of this course is above average.  Technology will only be used for academic purposes under teacher direction.


The following items will be used often during the Algebra II course:

1.    Online Textbook: Algebra II Big Ideas for High School

2.    Pencils, ink pens, markers or colored pencils.

3.    Loose-leaf notebook paper is used for all written assignments.

4.    A folder with pockets or a three-ring binder is used to keep course papers organized

5.    Graph paper is recommended.

6.    Calculator.  A graphing Calculator (TI-84) is highly recommended.  The WWHS Mathematics teachers believe calculators should be used to supplement, expand, and challenge a student’s math experience.  A calculator should be used as a tool, not as a crutch, and therefore does not replace the requirement to show work.

Course Requirements:

·        Math Help/Tutoring.  Ask questions during class and seek additional help outside of class before an upcoming assessment.  Do not wait until right before the quiz/test to decide to find help.  I will be available for help during my office hours.  You may also get additional help through the online Big Ideas Resources, canvas, school clubs, counseling dept., private tutors, and after school tutoring programs.

·       Homework. All homework must be completed before students can complete a test or quiz retake.

·       Tests/Quizzes.  Content Mastery will be assessed using paper Tests and/or computer-based Quizzes.  Tests and Quizzes can be re-taken once for full credit up to 2 weeks from the original test date. Students must complete all assignments before retaking an assessment.


Progress Reports.  In order to monitor student progress, grades are done online and can be checked as needed.  The gradebook in Synergy is the official course gradebook.  Canvas will record grades for individual tasks, but this is not the official grade.

COURSE GRADING                                                      

Quarter Grading Policy:                                                   Semester Grading Policy:

Tests                                  50%                                  Semester course grade       80%  

Quizzes                             40%                                   Final Exam                          20%    

Assignments                     10%


Course Expectation

Classroom management and discipline will be administered within the guidelines of the Student Statement of Awareness and the Westwood PRIDE Program.


Live WebEx (synchronous learning)
Student will participate in live synchronous learning with their teacher using the WebEx platform two times per week. Students will be required to attend and participate during their scheduled Live WebEx class. Students/families will need to communicate directly with the teacher if there are extenuating circumstances where attendance can't be met during the Live WebEx session. All Live WebEx classes will be recorded and placed in CANVAS for a later viewing if needed.

Extended Learning (asynchronous learning)
In addition to the Live WebEx meetings, students will be expected to complete and submit assignments to be graded. Just like during the normal school setting, students will work with teachers and be assigned work that is to be completed and submitted for a grade outside of the scheduled live class time.