Transcripts -- allow 24 hour minimum processing time

1.      The BEST method, recommended and preferred by most colleges and universities, is the digital direct copy which is obtained through Parchment.  Click here to Request from PARCHMENT.

2.      The BETTER method, appreciated by colleges and universities, is to provide us with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for each transcript request.  We will prepare the document and send it securely. 

CURRENT WESTWOOD STUDENTS:  Allow one business day for processing.  Transcripts may be picked up before school, during lunch or until 3:30 after school.  They may not be picked up during class time.  During school breaks and holidays, please allow 7 days.

FORMER WESTWOOD STUDENTS: Allow minimum of 2 business days for processing.  During school breaks and holidays please allow 7 days.


All official transcripts printed in the office REQUIRE the Transcript Request Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only the parent or guardian of a minor student may receive the transcript.  If the student is 18 or older, it must go to the student directly unless the student has given permission for the parent or guardian to receive it.