Welcome to the Wonderful World of Kindergarten



Attendance is extremely important. Many activities we do are “hands-on” with manipulatives, games, and language exercises. When your child is absent or tardy, they are missing out on experiences they can’t bring home. We have awards that are given out at the end of each grading period for those children who have perfect attendance.


A Busy Day…

We have a busy day full of exciting activities that include journals, calendar, intervention groups, phonemic awareness (which will help get your child ready to read), phonics activities, literature, vocabulary development, comprehension, learning centers (which reinforce reading and math skills), counting and learning simple addition and subtraction. Please refer to your packet (given to you at Open House) to see at what stage of writing your child is currently doing. There is also a sheet that explains the importance of learning centers. We have included a list of reading and math objectives to show which skills we will be teaching and reinforcing every quarter.


Homework –

Homework will be brought home by your child on Monday through Thursday which will focus on handwriting, number skills, phonics, and any other skills practiced in class. It is important your child has extra practice with these skills at home. Please help your child while he/she is completing their homework to make sure they are doing it correctly. Please make sure your child’s name is on their work so they will receive credit.


Discipline –

We focus on teaching responsibility and caring for each other through use of positive reinforcement.



Sincerely Your Kindergarten Teachers


Suggested Supply List (2016-17)

These are the supplies that your child will be using in the classroom throughout the school year. The classroom teacher has these supplies ready for your child,  but if you are wanting to purchase any of these supplies on the list it would be greatly appreciated.  Looking forward to the 2016-17 school year!!  


Glue sticks
Primary thick pencils
Dry erase markers
Disinfectant wipes
Hand sanitizer
Small scissors
Pencil pouch- no boxes please
Snacks to share- goldfish, Ritz crackers, saltines, graham crackers, etc.