Welcome to Sixth Grade!

    We feel that it is important that both parents and students understand how sixth grade is managed. In order to guarantee your child, and all students in our classrooms, the excellent learning climate they deserve, we will be utilizing the attached Discipline Policy for this year. We believe that all students can behave appropriately in our classrooms. We will not tolerate any student stopping us from teaching, and/or any student from learning.

    Sixth grade is an important year for your child to learn the necessary skills in reading, math, and other subjects to begin preparation for Junior High. Homework is assigned to provide additional practice in skills being learned, and develop better study skills. In order to ensure that homework is completed, we will be utilizing the attached Homework Policy for this year. In order to help your child stay organized we will be using an assignment sheet to record assignments and class activities. In addition, your child will be expected to maintain a clean and organized notebook, with dividers and assignments in their appropriate places.

    Sixth grade is filled with many exciting learning activities. Sixth graders learn all about the space shuttle, and participate in the district wide, hands-on, space shuttle expedition. We also learn about ancient civilizations, oceanography, world history, and the process of making rules and laws that we live by as a society. 

    To ensure that the lines of communication stay open, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns as they arise. All of us working together can make this and exceptional year for your child.

Sincerely Your Sixth Grade Teachers




Supply List 2016-2017

These are the supplies that your child will be using in the classroom throughout the school year. The classroom teacher has these supplies ready for your child,  but if you are wanting to purchase any of these supplies on the list it would be greatly appreciated.  Looking forward to the 2016-17 school year!! 


Sixth Grade

Pencils (#2) regular or mechanical (lead refills)

2 composition books – blue and green

Dry erase markers

Colored pencils


Pencil pouch

Glue sticks

Elmer’s liquid glue

Small school scissors

Kleenex/Tissues – 4 boxes

Loose leaf notebook paper

Hand held pencil sharpener with cover (not battery operated)

Hand sanitizer

Clorox Wipes