Special Education Department


Children seen in the Speech Language Impairment (SLI) Program usually go to the Speech Room for therapy.  Groups are small and the lessons are developed so each child can make progress on their own.  Some students are seen in the Learning Disabilities classroom.  These lessons are based on the district reading series and emphasize vocabulary, sequencing, grammar, and answering questions appropriately and with good details.  Children in the speech program need help with saying sounds correctly (articulation), stuttering, voice problems and difficulty with understanding and using their language skills.

Children in the Mildly Mentally Disabled intermediate classroom are in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. They are taught reading, math, writing and spelling at their level of ability. There is some exposure to geography, social studies, and science.  Children work with the teacher and instructional assistant individually, in small or large group settings.  Each child participates with a general education classroom for morning announcements, lunch, recess, PE, Art, Library, Music,  assemblies, special programs and computer lab (if they are able).  Children may be invited to the general education classroom for parties or other special events.  Emphasis is put on the development of social skills, some life skills, and appropriate behavior.

Whitman has a primary and an intermediate specific learning disability program.  The program services students in grades K-6.   The students in the primary grades receive most of their instruction in their general education classroom. Mrs. Smith goes into some classrooms and works with the general education teachers. Students come to the resource room for specific instruction in their area/s of weakness.  Instruction is directed by their IEP goals.  Their progress is monitored quarterly.  The students from intermediate grades receive most of their instruction in the resource room with Mrs. Hipp-Hill for their areas of need in reading, written language and/or math skills, guided by their IEP goals and district standards. She works closely with grade level teachers and parents. 



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