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Anne Dunning

Whitman KinderU Preschool Teacher

Email: Click Here
Phone: (480)472-5030


I have been teaching two sessions of preschool at Whitman since 2006.  Before that I taught one session of preschool and one session of kindergarten for young learners at Kerr from 2001 until I moved to Whitman.  I also taught 2nd grade at Mendoza.


My bachelor’s degree is in psychology from the University of Arizona.  My master’s degree in education is from Arizona State University.


I love working with preschool children.  Their excitement about life and interest in the smallest of things is wonderful to be around.  As a teacher I embed the early learning standards in the classroom and outdoor environment.  Through play we are learning how to interact with each other by keeping each other safe, taking turns with materials, and being aware of what someone else might need.  We are also learning to count, sort, make patterns, write letters, recognize letter names and numbers, rhyme, and identify sounds letters make.  Of course, there are many other things we learn in preschool. 


If you have any questions, please call me at the above phone number.  


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