Meeting at GateWe meet families at the gate on the southside of our school 5 minutes before our class begins unless it is raining.  If it is raining please enter through the school office and bring your child into our classroom to sign them in.


We start our day eating a meal together.  When we are finished the students clean up their area and throw their trash away.

LibraryDramatic Play TableThey now have an hour to explore the classroom and make decisions about what they want to do.  We have a library area, housekeeping, blocks, manipulatives, painting easels, art project area, computers, dramatic play table, sand table, and writing area to choose from.


After an hour they clean up and come to our large group time.  We welcome back children who were absent the previous day and wish well those who are currently absent.  We sing songs, work on counting, and letter names and sounds along with other objectives.  

We then break into small groups of six or less children.

We come together one more time to read a book before going outside.

During our outside time, we have access to trikes, musical instruments, a water table, swings, a playstructure, sand toys, and a variety of other activities.

Families pick their children up at the playground when the weather permits.  If it is raining or too hot to be outside, we will be in our classroom at the end of the day.