Mrs. Sandy Peterson

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This is my fourth year as the Media Center Resource Specialist. Here are just a few things we have happening in our Media Center during the 2013-2014 school year. We will be having 2  Buy One Get One Free Book Fairs. We will also be participating in Battle of the Books. It's going to be GREAT year. Below are listed the dates and times.

Bookfairs                                                                                  Battle of the Books

Date: Oct. 14-18                                                                  Battle I  Nov. 24, 2013   1:10 pm

Time: 7:30 -  3:15                                                                Battle II Jan. 23, 2014    1:10 pm

*We will be opened the night of Oct. 18                            Battle III April 3, 2014     1:10 pm

during Scare Fair. (4:30-6:30)


Date: Feb. 27 - March 7

Time: 7:30 - 3:15

*We will be opened the night of March 6

during our "Special Event"  (5:00-7:00)


*We do accept credit cards for payment at

the Book Fair.


*Please know that if your child needs to pay for a lost/damaged library book, they need to have the

exact amount due. We are not able to give change.