In the spring of 2016, the Mesa Public Schools Administration, with Board of Education approval, directed that PBIS would be part of the instructional program at all schools.  Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is now being used in more than 18,000 schools across the United States in every school setting, from the lunchroom to the library, to the individual classroom – and everywhere in between.  The framework is being implemented toward improving behavioral and academic outcomes for all students.


School-Wide Positive Behavior Expectations are a set of strategies and systems to increase the ability of our school to:     

·         Reduce in-school office discipline referrals (ODR)

·         Educate ALL students

·         Clearly define outcomes both positive & negative

·         Use research-validated practices

·         Support administrative systems

·         Teach and model behavioral expectations


School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports are a set of strategies and systems to:

·         Establish regular, predictable, positive learning & teaching environments

·         Create systems for providing regular positive feedback

·         Acknowledge students when they are “doing the right thing”

·         Improve social interaction and competence


·         Create an environment of respect and rapport that support high expectations and academic success

Whittier students will show “PAWS Pride” throughout the school day by:

Practicing Safety

Accepting Responsibility

Working Together


Showing Respect

Positive Acknowledgement System

The acknowledgement system is a feature of the PAWS Pride behavioral expectation system.  The behavioral expectation system focuses on acknowledging students who demonstrate positive behaviors.  This program works in conjunction with school-wide and classroom goals. Teachers will recognize students as they demonstrate the four behavioral expectations that have been taught.   

 PAWS Pride Ticket

                When staff observes a student Practicing Safety, Accepting Responsibility, Working Together, or Showing Respect they will acknowledge them by giving a PAWS Pride Ticket.

  PAWS Pride Drawings

                When a PAWS Pride ticket is given out, the student will fill out their name, date and room number.  Students will turn these into their               classroom and every week they will be taken up to the office for a drawing from the Principal. The student will receive a small prize from        the principal after being drawn.  


Handling Infractions of Behavioral Expectations

Whittier Elementary will address behaviors in two different ways. The first type of response can be from the teacher through a Minor Infraction Report (MIR). MIR’s will be used when the behavior is minor and a teacher can handle it. The second type of response will be through an Office Discipline Referral (ODR). ODR’s will be used when the behavior warrants office involvement. 


Behaviors that will warrant a Minor Infraction Report (MIR) include:




       Dress code violation


       Disorderly conduct

       Fighting (Minor)

       Inappropriate Language


       Theft (Minor)




       Failure to follow school rules



       Electronic device violation

       Vandalism (Minor)


Behaviors that will warrant an Office Discipline Referral (ODR) include:

       Fighting or Assault

       Physical Aggression



       3 MIR’s for same behavior

       Drugs/Alcohol/ Weapons

       Sexual Harassment/Offense

       Abusive Language

       Dishonesty (Major)

       Defiance (Major)

       Disrespect (Major)

       Theft (Major)

       Vandalism (Major)


       Bus Violation